Nu-Life TV Antenna Installations



Nu-Life TV has been operating in the Sydney metropolitan area for over twenty years.

A fleet of 20 mobile units have the versatility and expertise to meet customer needs in a fast and efficient manner throughout Sydney, Campbelltown and Penrith.

The staff of 45 personnel are well trained and experienced to value each customer and to maintain a professional approach to each client.

A tightly controlled installation management scheme is in operation at Nu-Life TV and forms an integral part of the ongoing growth of the past twenty years.

The financial position of Nu-Life TV is strong and healthy and has the capacity for further expansion in the Cable/PayTV/Satellite industry.

Nu-Life TV has a large client base - all potential Cable/PayTV/Satellite customers.


With over twenty years experience, Nu-Life TV has developed considerable expertise in domestic and commercial antenna installations - Sydney, Campbelltown and Penrith. Nu-Life TV has successfully completed a major satellite installation contract in N.S.W. for the Education Department in the Regional areas of Wollongong, Central Coast, Campbelltown, Penrith - Blue Mountains.

This vast knowledge and experience of giving excellent results, allows Nu-Life TV to provide "A Fast, Efficient and Friendly Service".

A fleet of twenty fully stocked mobile units are well equipped to install TV Antennae/Cable/Pay TV/Satellite/MMDS systems in large housing developments, apartment blocks and townhouses, schools, hotels and motels, clubs, hospitals and volume clients such as electrical contractors and builders.

All equipment used in TV Antenna/Cable/PayTV/Satellite/MMDS installations is of the very best quality, heavy duty, high performance and Australian made wherever possible.

All work performed by Nu-Life TV is fully guaranteed - some conditions apply - along with manufacturers warranty on parts.



The company fleet of 20 fully stocked mobile units carry all the necessary parts, accessories and stock sufficient to meet the daily schedule. It is company policy for all mobile units to carry extra materials so that additional customer requests can be met on the job rather than imposing a delay upon them. Extra stock is also carried for emergency work.

Each mobile unit carries a variety of test equipment, including Field Strength Meters and other tools of trade. Each mobile unit is uniformly painted in our corporate colours and signwritten with company details and logo.


The electronics workshop is fully equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment, including oscilloscopes, sweep generators and various other electronics test equipment including Field Strength Meters and Spectrum Analysers.


The main warehouse is well equipped with stockholdings that are controlled by computerised inventory procedures.


Head office is based at Oatley in Sydney's south and is fully computerised.


A freecall 1800 number is in operation as well as separate numbers for both Campbelltown (046) and Penrith (047) to cater for those who prefer to call a local number. All are operated by trained telephone staff.



Managing Director

Installation Co-ordinator

Service Co-ordinator


Telephone/Computer Operators - ten personnel


Technical Manager

Site Supervisor

All other technical personnel hold one of the following qualifications:

  • Electronics & Communication Certificate
  • Electronics Trade Certificate
  • Satellite Installations Certificate
  • TV Antenna Installers Certificate (TAFE)
  • Austel Licence

Nu-Life TV takes pride in their professional approach to customers. Staff do not take things for granted and greet customers in a friendly and "at your service" approach.

All personnel present to clients as neat in appearance, pleasant in disposition and courteous in dialogue with them.

Nu-Life TV is a member of the Metal Trades Industry Association (MTIA)


Over the past twenty years, Nu-Life TV has developed a quick-response operational scheme to meet customer needs in the minimum of time. Nu-Life TV has found that when clients ring for an installation, the speed and efficiency in response time is crucial to the subsequent client recommendation and loyalty in the following years.

To minimise time loss and installation delay, Nu-Life TV operates a tightly controlled installation management scheme which has been a major factor to the ongoing success and growth over the past twenty years.

Another major part of this success in management of time. Much can be attributed not only to the quality of communication with installation personnel but also the willingness of all staff to be clear in communication, flexible and efficient in their own daily commitments. For example, it is not unusual for one mobile unit to offer assistance to another when an unexpected delay occurs.

Nu-Life TV personnel appreciate being a part of the decision-making process and work with a minimum of supervision. Due to the progressive nature of the organisation, personnel continually offer suggestions for organisational efficiency and growth without loss to customers in the quality of service and in response time.

The challenge of Cable/Pay TV installations is a natural progression to the existing and well established credibility Nu-Life TV has with its clients.

Naturally, Nu-Life TV personnel are willing to undertake training in Cable/Pay TV/Satellite installations.


As Sydney's major domestic installation company, Nu-Life TV is a key customer to a large list of suppliers. As such, there will no doubt be some distinct advantages to Cable/Pay TV customers. These would include up-to-date product range, quality of material, standards of service, and importantly, fast and efficient response time. Not the least would be competitive prices and access to the best of technical support.

Drawing on the extensive experience of twenty years which has culminated into the high daily volume of individual dwelling installations, multiple dwellings units and major projects of the present day, Nu-Life TV can offer all of the following:

  • Experience and Expertise
  • Trained Personnel
  • Technical Support
  • High Mobilisation Capacity
  • Superior Lines of Product Supply
  • Sourcing and Development
  • Design and C.A.D. Facilities.



Nu-Life TV's financial position and arrangements are such that the company has a healthy and strong capacity for immediate expansion into Cable/Pay TV installations.

This financial capability translates into all aspects of such a venture.

Financially, Nu-Life TV can purchase the necessary stock, introduce the appropriate equipment, additional mobile units, staff, and most importantly, training of existing personnel.

Nu-Life TV as a Company Pty Limited is an audited organisation.

Each year the balance sheet demonstrates that the company's assets exceed its liabilities including debts to financial institutions and creditors.

The majority of Nu-Life TV clients are cash customers and so the company does not carry a high dependency upon overdraft facilities, heavy liability to commercial interest rates or shareholders.


Local Business Awards 2015



Head Office: 85 Mulga Road, Oatley NSW 2223