5 Steps To Restore TV Reception Outages

Learn the 5 simple steps to follow if your TV is showing you the 'no signal' message. These steps are guaranteed to restore your TV reception.
Restore TV Signal

So what do you do if you have a TV reception outage? Your TV is showing ‘no signal’ on the screen and all you want to do is watch the Sydney Swans game, or the latest episode of MAFS.

Here’s what you should do to get it all back up and running in 5 simple steps.

1. Check For Network Issues

Whilst it is very rare to experience in capital cities in Australia, every once in a while there is a network issue on your local TV transmission tower. This can be power (electricity) or signal related and can result in the whole local area not being able to receive TV signals.

If you suspect this is the issue, you can check out our page on Current TV Reception Outages to see where you can find out whether or not there are network issues in your local area. 

Alternatively, if you are only experiencing issues with one channel/network, you can jump straight to that page below:

If there is no network issue, jump to Step #2 below.


2. Retune Your TV (Auto or Manual Tuning)

This is a relatively quick and easy step to ensure that your TV tuner is still ‘looking at’ the correct frequencies.

To find out about how to perform an auto tune or manual tune in Sydney, please check out our page on Digital TV Tuning Frequencies in Sydney.

If there is no issue with your TVs tuning, jump to Step #3 below.


3. Check Other TVs In Your House

Whilst this step won’t fix your reception, it can provide a few clues about whether or not it is an issue with your TV you are using, or whether it is a TV signal issue.

There are often instances where a faulty TV will result in a black screen on your TV. To find out whether it is you TV or TV signal at fault, follow the link to our post on “Do You Need a TV Antenna Repair or TV Repair?

 If your TV doesn’t need any repairs, jump to Step #4 below.

4. Check Your TV Antenna System

This is actually the most likely cause of why you are experiencing ‘no signal’ on your TV screen. Your TV antenna system may need a checkup.

If your TV is all OK and the TV transmission towers are sending the signal to your local area, then the only remaining piece of the puzzle is really your own receiving TV antenna system in your house.

Now, these systems can actually get quite complicated, so we have another 10 Steps To A Perfect Digital TV Antenna Installation in Sydney.


5. Consider a VAST Installation

If you are unable to get an antenna installed at your house with enough reliable reception to view your favourite TV shows, there is another option!

The Australian Government has developed a satellite TV service for Free To Air channels called VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television). This service allows anyone in a remote or ‘blackspot’ area to be able to receive Free To Air television channels via a satellite feed. 

Satellite feeds do not require a local transmission tower and so are accessible in all locations of Australia. It is a foolproof way to guarantee you get to see your favourite shows!


If you are still experiencing issues, feel free to give the Nu Life TV Antenna team a call to organise an experienced technician to attend to your premises for a free quote to fix your system.

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