Antenna Installation Alexandria

For the main part, Alexandria is an industrial neighbourhood. A lot of people reading this will work in one of the offices, wholesalers, warehouses, small manufacturers, or car dealerships in this part of Australia. 

There are some truly beautiful buildings in this area as well, including single-story cottages and charming terraced rowhouses.

While delightful places to live, they can pose a few issues in terms of TV reception, which is why you may find yourself need quality TV antenna installation services from Nu Life TV.

TV Antenna Installation Alexandria 

If you are looking for TV antenna installation in Alexandria, look no further than Nu Life TV.

Whether you are a big fan of reality dating shows or you prefer getting lost in a good drama series, you need to ensure your TV antenna is installed correctly so that it won’t let you down. 

What’s TV Reception Like In Alexandria?

Earlier, we mentioned the wide range of beautiful properties across Alexandria. You can also add midrise apartment buildings into the mix as well! The nature of these neighbouring buildings can cause a few issues, as the primary transmitter can end up being blocked. 

Thankfully, our local technician Dylan has heaps of experience in the area and has helped many homeowners who have been dealing with this issue. Changing the antenna to a VHF or UHF antenna, and then realigning it to the right transmitter, is one option. Another option is to make an application for a VAST. 

Of course, we will assess your property and determine which of the solutions is going to be the most appropriate for your needs and budget,

Why Choose Nu Life TV?

Having carried out more than 300,000 TV antenna installations and boasting more than four decades of experience in the industry, you can be sure that Nu Life TV is a name to be trusted. 

We provide a 25-year warranty on all TV antenna installations, guaranteeing you of the high level of service and quality that we provide.  

Whenever we can, we will also provide a free-day service. All you need to do is pick up the phone if you would like a free quotation. 

Our Local Technician Dylan Services Alexandria 

Our local technician Dylan services this part of Australia. He has helped many homeowners to get the help and assistance they require when it comes to effective TV antenna installation.

Punctual, professional, and experienced, you can be sure that Dylan will be able to get to the bottom of whatever issue you are experiencing. 

Looking For The Best TV Antenna Installation In Alexandria?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today for a free quote. You will be enjoying clear, crisp television in no time.


Once you have made a booking, please beware that due to health and safety obligations, any rooftop works may be impacted by adverse weather conditions on the day of installation. Check your weather forecast for Alexandria below: