Antenna Installation Ultimo

If you live in Ultimo, you will know that there is always a lot going on here! With three schools in the area, lots of university students call Ultimo their home. Not only are there apartments catering to the student population, but you will find newer condos and terraced homes in quieter parts of the suburb too. 

No matter where you live in Ultimo, you will want to experience good quality TV. Unfortunately, there are a few things that can end up getting in the way of this, which is why you may find yourself needing TV antenna installation.

TV Antenna Installation Ultimo

Do you like to watch soaps every weeknight? Maybe you are someone who prefers a good documentary? 

No matter your taste in TV, one thing you are certainly going to need is a TV antenna that is installed correctly and ensures you get crisp, clear television.

What’s TV Reception Like In Ultimo?

As mentioned earlier, there are several different types of properties that you will find in Ultimo. Because of this, one of the common issues experienced in the area is that the line of sight to the primary transmitter can end up fully blocked due to neighbouring buildings.

If this is the case, all hope is not lost. There are many solutions our local technician Dylan can provide. One option is to make an application for a VAST. However, in most cases, the best thing to do is change the antenna to a VHF or UHF antenna and make sure it is realigned to the correct transmitter.

Why Choose Nu Life TV?

There are several different reasons why you should consider using Nu Life TV for TV antenna installation in Ultimo. Firstly, we have more than 40 years of experience, and we have carried out over 300,000 antenna installations in this time. 

We provide a 25-year warranty on all TV antenna installations, so you can have complete confidence in the service that we provide. 

You can be sure that the highest quality parts and equipment are used. Plus, we will always provide same day service whenever we can.

Our Local Technician Dylan Services Ultimo

Our local technician Dylan services Ultimo. With his level of local knowledge, there is no one better to provide you with the TV antenna installation service you need. 

Professional, kind, and experienced, Dylan will get to the bottom of any sort of issue you may be encountering with your TV antenna.

Looking For The Best TV Antenna Installation In Ultimo?

Are you getting fed up with experiencing TV reception issues? If so, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today for a free quote.


Once you have made a booking, please beware that due to health and safety obligations, any rooftop works may be impacted by adverse weather conditions on the day of installation. Check your weather forecast for Ultimo below: