Antenna Installation Vaucluse

TV Antenna Installation Vaucluse

An eastern suburb of Sydney, Vaucluse is a beautiful location that boasts a number of high-end, lavish properties, as well as some significant landmarks. We are sure you have all taken a trip to Macquarie Lighthouse at some point! However, while living in Vaucluse is highly desirable, it can be frustrating if your TV doesn’t work properly, right?

TV Antenna Installation Vaucluse

If you are searching for a company to provide you with TV antenna installation in Vaucluse, you must choose with care! Whether you work down at Syndey Harbour or you spend your days further outside of the area, when you get in from home, you probably want to kick back and watch one of your favourite TV shows. The trouble is that this is simply not possible if your TV doesn’t want to play ball!

What’s TV Reception Like In Vaucluse?

There are many different issues that can impact residents of Vaucluse. One of the main issues that impact properties in the area, especially those that are very close to the coast, is that they tend to be situated at a low height. They are either hidden behind steep streets or hills. 

When this happens, you may need to have a taller mast installed. In some cases, we have had to install masts as large as 50 ft so that people can get the TV reception and quality they need. 

Another problem that we often see in this area is the mast and/or the antenna rusting, which happens as a consequence of the onshore winds in the area. We have a range of stainless steel masts and antennas, which can aid with this problem. 

Why Choose Nu Life TV?

We have more than 40 years of experience in the industry here at Nu Life TV, so you can have full peace of mind when you choose our service. We have carried out a whole host of TV antenna installations and repairs – so many that we have lost count! With this experience, we are very familiar with the area and the common issues residents face, more importantly, we know how to fix them!

Our TV installations also come with a 25-year warranty. Plus, we pride ourselves on our quick and efficient service, providing a same-day call-out whenever possible. Simply give us a call for a free, no-obligation service. 

Our Local Technician Dylan Services Vaucluse

We assign a local technician for all of the areas we cover, ensuring they have the best local knowledge of the issues in the area. In Vaucluse, our local technician Dylan is your man when it comes to antenna installation. He has many years of experience in the industry, so you are definitely in safe hands.

Experienced, reliable, friendly, and professional, Dylan will make sure any TV issues you are dealing with are resolved efficiently. 

Looking For The Best TV Antenna Installation In Vaucluse?

Make sure your TV is only ever crisp and clear! Get in touch with us today for a free quotation.


Once you have made a booking, please beware that due to health and safety obligations, any rooftop works may be impacted by adverse weather conditions on the day of installation. Check your weather forecast for Vaucluse below: