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Digital TV Antenna Installation Cost in Sydney

In most areas of Sydney, the cost to buy and install a new digital TV antenna usually ranges between $300-$700.

However, let’s dig into this a little deeper to understand why there is quite a large price range and what factors will contribute to you getting a lower or higher price for your TV antenna installation.

What Determines The Cost of A Digital TV Antenna Installation?

The following factors will contribute to the price of getting your TV reception fixed with a new digital TV antenna installation: 

  1. Type and Quality of Digital TV Antenna: this is the majority of the cost when you are purchasing the supply and installation of a new TV antenna at your premises. Firstly, it must be the right type of antenna for your local area. Secondly, the quality of digital TV antennas available in Australia can vary significantly. Some ‘cheap’ digital TV antennas (often log periodic antennas) can be purchased for as low as $15 or $20. These antennas will be lucky to last one Summer storm in Sydney. You want to get a durable, heavy duty, Australian made, digital TV antenna – designed and built for Australia’s TV signals and harsh climate.
  2. Requirement to Install a TV Booster or Amplifier: if you are required to install a TV signal booster in addition to your TV antenna, this can increase the cost of your TV antenna system. A booster can be required if you are in a poor signal area, or if you have a large number of TV points in your TV system.
  3. Time Required to Install Equipment: quite simply, the amount of labour required to install the required equipment will contribute to the cost of the installation. For example, if it takes longer to install a new antenna because you also need to install and set up a TV booster, then the cost will be higher, rather than lower.
  4. Experience and Workmanship: whilst some task based marketplace websites may be able to introduce you to a handyman to install your TV antenna, you will pay a slightly higher price for a qualified and experienced TV antenna installation expert, who takes pride in his trade and workmanship.
  5. Replacement of Existing Antenna Mount: the life of a good quality antenna is roughly 20-25 years. In some parts of Sydney (including the coastal regions near saltwater), the mount holding up your TV antenna may well rust out in just a few short years. Every day we see antennas that become damaged due to strong winds that have broken a rusted mount. For this reason, you may sometimes want to consider replacing your antenna mount at the same time as your TV antenna (if it has been up there for a long time).
  6. High Mast or Extendable Telomast Required: if your TV antenna is being held up using a 15 foot mast or extendable telomast (we install anywhere from a 20 to a 50 foot mast), then the cost to have a new TV antenna installed will be higher. Any job that requires work on a 20 foot mast or higher needs to involve 2 men for safety reasons, and it can sometimes take a whole day to install a 50 foot mast.
  7. Access To The Antenna: on very rare occasions, your antenna may only be accessible by the use of special equipment like an EWP (Elevated Work Platform). Our technicians usually have a few neat tricks to access the antenna when others cannot, so luckily we have only been required to use an EWP on a handful of occasions in the last few years.

Selecting A Quote For A Digital TV Antenna Installation

For a trusted, reliable digital TV antenna installation service, you will want to select a company that has been established and operating for a long period of time in your local area. 

We field many customer enquiries from customers who have previously purchased a new antenna from a DIY supplier, or had a small ‘part-timer’ or electrician install a ‘cheap’ antenna, only to have it fail within a few weeks. Many small, single person businesses with little concern for their reputation will often not return phone calls and the advertised warranty becomes instantly meaningless.

Nu Life TV Antenna has been fixing TV reception for 40 years and is committed to providing 100% perfect digital TV reception to each and every one of our valued customers.

So, whilst our customers sometimes get a slightly cheaper quote, we stand by our commitment to provide the very best value, using only the best Australian made digital TV antennas available on the market.