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Matchmaster TV Antenna Sydney

Matchmaster are well recognised as one of the premium TV antenna manufacturers in Australia. Indeed, Matchmaster are “For The Best” in the market. They have been in the industry for a long time too, opening in 1939. 

They have a wide range of premium TV antennas, some of which are suitable for TV antenna installation in Sydney.

A great Australian company with some of the best Australian made antennas. 

Matchmaster Lifetime Warranty

Authorised Installer For Matchmaster TV Antennas

Nu Life TV Antenna have been an Authorised Installer for Matchmaster for over 30 years.

We have worked hand in hand on many government projects over this time, including:

  • Joint panelists on the Australian Government’s Digital Switchover Taskforce, responsible for the rollout of digital TV transmission in Australia
  • Department of Commerce “NSW Housing” SMATV / MATV distribution via TERRA Headends
  • Integration of international satellite channels and Free-To-Air television channels to over 2,000 apartments for NSW Department of Housing in Sydney high rises apartment buildings

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty on Matchmaster Antennas

The Best Just Got Better!

Matchmaster offers Australia’s first Lifetime Antenna Manufacturer Warranty for DigiMATCH Australian made TV antennas.

Matchmaster Digimatch
How To Register your Lifetime Warranty To make a claim under this Lifetime Warranty, you need to:
  1. Register this warranty online at Matchmaster within one month of the purchase date.
  2. Retain the original purchase receipt and produce it to Matchmaster at the time of making a claim under this Limited Warranty.
  3. Report any potential defect or fault to Matchmaster as soon as possible after discovery.
If you would like to take advantage of this great offer from Matchmaster, give Nu Life TV Antenna a call on 9549 0082. Book a free quote today with one of our friendly staff members.

Launch of Foxtel iQ5 Requiring Antenna Input

Foxtel iQ5 Box

Foxtel have officially launched the long-awaited iQ5 streaming box.

If you are an existing Foxtel subscriber, we take a detailed look at what this means for you.

Existing Foxtel Cable Subscriber

If you are currently a Foxtel subscriber that uses the underground or aerial cable network in your area to receive your Foxtel signal, this is going to be a mandatory upgrade for you.

Foxtel have foreshadowed that their services will be kicked off the Cable network in July 2023, so you have around 18 months to switch over to the new iQ5 box. This is why Foxtel have announced only certain customers are currently eligible for the ‘iQ5 pre-release’, prioritising the following subscribers:

  • Existing cable customers who will need to migrate off their cable service by July 2023
  • Existing cable customers who want to upgrade their box but cannot have a satellite dish installed
  • New customers who haven’t been able to access a Foxtel service as they couldn’t have cable or satellite installed at their house

Your choice will be to receive the signal to the iQ5 box by either satellite or internet (ethernet cable or WiFi). 

Whilst you should be OK to get the service over the internet, our recommendation is to pay the small additional fee (~$100) and get the satellite dish installed. This will give you flexibility to get the signal by either internet or satellite, and will mean you can still watch your favourite channels, even when there is an nbn outage in your area or the other members of your household are clogging up the internet connection.

Note that Foxtel have already flagged that to get live free-to-air TV channels, you will need an aerial installed and connected via the antenna input located on the back of the iQ5 box.

Given there are an estimated up to 500,000 subscribers using Foxtel Cable, this will be a huge task and expect there to be a rush on upgrades towards the start of 2023.

In the context of a block of apartments or multi-dwelling units (MDUs), it would be best to start planning earlier rather than later. Many Foxtel subscribers still do not have an internet connection and so expecting all Foxtel subscribers in the building to swap over to iQ5 (without a satellite signal source) may not be a viable option.

Existing Foxtel Satellite Subscriber

Existing Foxtel subscribers that receive their service over satellite will remain largely unaffected. You will have the option to upgrade to the iQ5 box (not immediately), but otherwise you can keep your satellite dish and infrastructure installed as is.

The big advantage to an upgrade to iQ5 for you will be access to ‘iQ software enhancements’ and streaming apps (although you probably have access to these already if you have an Apple TV or any smart TV). You should already have access to Foxtel’s 4K channels, so there is nothing new announced on that front as yet.

Again, you will need a TV antenna installed and connected to the back of the iQ5 box to receive the full array of digital free-to-air channels available (and not just the subset sent to your satellite dish). A free-to-air technician will be able to assist you with this setup.

The upgrade option will be available to you ‘later this year’. Given the teething problems experienced with the release of the iQ3 and iQ4 boxes (check out Product Review for some scathing reviews), our recommendation would be to wait for those teething problems to be sorted through. You have little to gain by getting an early upgrade.

New Foxtel Subscriber

If you are considering subscribing to Foxtel as a new customer, the iQ5 box definitely provides an easier installation option for you compared to previous versions (which have required a technician to conduct the installation on the most part).

However, there are other options available. Even other options provided by Foxtel. According to the new Foxtel price guide, the basic Foxtel Plus Bundle is $49 per month, plus equipment fees ($199 for the iQ5 with the Hard Drive), plus connection fee, and a fee if you don’t return the iQ5 box (ie you don’t own the box).

With most smart TVs these days allowing you to download an array of apps or by purchasing an Apple TV, you could subscribe to Foxtel’s own Binge and Kayo for $35 per month combined. This would also eliminate another pet hate of Foxtel subscribers, no advertisements!

It remains to be seen as to whether the new iQ5 streaming option will actually provide any significant advantage over the other long list of streaming only options available in the market today (eg Netflix, Stan, Stan Sport, Binge, Kayo, Amazon Prime, etc).

Free-To-Air TV Channels on Foxtel

As we have referenced numerous times, the iQ5 box will still require a free-to-air technician to install a new TV antenna or connect your existing TV antenna to the iQ5 box. This is the case if you want to receive all live free-to-air channels.

Whilst Foxtel Cable and Foxtel Satellite receive a subset of free-to-air channels (not via a TV antenna), to get all live channels, an antenna is required. 

And to get any live channels using streaming only on an iQ5, you will need a TV antenna.

If you require any assistance with TV antenna installation, call the experts on 02 9549 0082. One of our friendly call centre staff can organise a free onsite quote to look into your individual needs.

TV Antenna Installation Near Me

Same Day TV Antenna Man Van Resized

The simple answer is, it is VERY important to ensure you get “TV Antenna Installation Near Me”. Or, in other words, make sure your technician works regularly in your local area

TV Antenna Installation Near Me

So, why exactly is it important to get a local TV antenna technician to attend to your bad TV reception? Here, we take you a short list outlining 4 reasons why it you should get your local antenna man to help out.

1. A Local TV Antenna Technician Knows The Best Local TV Transmitter

It used to be the case that there was just one TV transmitter for each city. However, in order to cover some of the poor TV reception areas, even major capital cities in Australia now have multiple TV transmission towers. For example, in Sydney, there are a few suburbs that can receive VHF and UHF TV signals from a total of 4 or 5 nearby TV transmission towers.

Having a local TV antenna man that knows your suburb (and maybe even your street) will ensure they know the best choice of TV transmission tower for your premises. This can result in the selection of the best TV antenna for your premises and obviously align that antenna to the best available tower. 

2. Local Antenna Installers Know About Transmission Outages

If there is an outage at your local TV transmitter, a local antenna installer who regularly services your area will know about the outage. If you get an inexperienced, non-local antenna installer, they may well replace your existing TV antenna, thinking there is a fault with your house’s TV system. So, this can save you some serious money if in fact you just need to wait a few hours for the local TV transmission tower to get fixed.

3. A Local TV Antenna Man Knows The Best Antenna For Your Suburb

An experienced, local TV antenna man will have tried and tested upwards of 50-100 different types of TV antennas over many years. He (or she) will know which one works best for your given area, and will always be looking to test the newest antennas released by the antenna manufacturers. You will want to ensure you get those many years of local experience when investing in an antenna to last you the next 25+ years. 

4. Local TV Antenna Companies Can Provide The Most Cost Effective Service

Having a local TV antenna company that services your suburb on a daily basis will be able to keep labour costs much lower than a TV antenna man that must travel a long distance in order to get to your house. If the antenna technician does not need to drive 1 hour to get to your premises, then that will be a cost that he (or she) does not need to pass onto customers. This may be in the form of a lower (or no) call out fee, a lower hourly labour rate, or a lower mark-up rate on parts supplied.

Having completed over 300,000 installations, if you are based in Sydney, Nu Life TV Antenna is bound to have installed a TV antenna in your suburb (and most likely your street). We have local TV antenna technicians that have been working for us (in your area) for 20-30+ years! 

Our local TV antenna technicians all live and work in their local area, so you will be sure to get the very best antenna for your individual premises.

In addition, we keep all details of past installations on our internal system and we can lookup what has worked best for your very suburb.

If you are looking for a free onsite quotation, feel free to give one of our friendly staff a call on 9549 0082