TV Wall Mounting Cost in Sydney

TV Wall Mounting Cost

TV Wall Mounting Cost in Sydney

These days, TVs come in all shapes and sizes. On average, the cost of TV wall mounting a new 50 – 60 inch TV, including supply of the TV bracket, usually ranges between $295 – $500.

However, let’s dig into this a little deeper to understand why there is quite a large price range and what factors will contribute to you getting a lower or higher price for your TV wall mount installation.

What Determines The Cost of A TV Wall Mount Installation?

The following factors will contribute to the price of getting your TV unpacked and installed on a new TV bracket on the wall: 

  1. Size and Type of TV: The biggest contributor to the cost of your TV installation will be the size and type of TV. The most popular TV size sold at the moment is around 55 – 65 inches in diameter. Whilst this can still be managed by a single technician, the TVs closer to 80 inches and above definitely require 2x technicians, which can add significantly to the labour cost. In terms of the type of TV, sometimes curved TVs require custom brackets (often made by the TV manufacturer) and plasma TVs can sometimes be very heavy compared to LED TVs, which can add a little to the price if it requires an additional person.
  2. Style of TV Bracket: There are 3 basic options here: (i) Fixed/flat, (ii) Tilt (normally downwards), and (iii) Full motion / swivel. Unless you have something very unique in mind, avoid the over-engineered, super-duper $300+ bracket from the retailers. Basic brackets for a 55 inch TV should be around the $100-150 mark (Fixed or Tilt) and around $150-175 for Full Motion. 
  3. Type of Wall: Gyprock walls with wooden studs are normally a best case scenario. If you have solid brick walls, you might need dynabolts (could be a few extra dollars). But, if you have gyprock walls with no studs, then get an experienced technician’s advice on whether or not it is safe to mount your TV and his or her recommendation on how to mount it. There are a few different types of contraptions out there these days and an experienced technician will offer invaluable advice in this situation.
  4. Concealing Cables (on different wall types): concealing cables typically adds a further $150-250 to a job, depending on how it can be done and whether or not relocation of other services are required (see below). If you have a cavity wall, then there is normally physical space to run cables – this is good news. If you don’t have a cavity wall, then the only option is normally to install ducting from the TV downwards to hide the cables.
  5. Relocation of Services: This really just means whether or not the technician will be required to move existing power points, TV points or data points in order to get the required cables behind the TV when concealing cables. If you have to relocate power or comms services, this can add to the cost. 
  6. Related AV Equipment: If in addition to your TV, you also want your soundbar mounted and maybe a couple of surround sound speakers hidden in the ceiling space, this will all come at an additional price. The soundbar won’t be as expensive as mounting the TV, but there may be custom brackets involved.

Selecting A Quote For TV Wall Mount Installation

Given the safety concerns involved with mounting TVs, we would recommend you to look to an experienced technician or company to undertake your TV wall mount installation works. 

Whilst a handyman might save you a few dollars upfront, we have seen a few TV wall mounts go wrong when installed by part-timers, and it can result in significant damage to walls, floors and of course the TVs themselves.

Check the company you are using has Public Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance and has experience in mounting many, many TVs in the past.

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