Do You Need a TV Antenna Repair or TV Repair?

So the TV picture or audio is working properly. How do you know if you need TV antenna repairs, or if you need a TV repair?
TV Antenna Repair No Signal

TV Signal, TV Tuner or TV Screen

In order for you to watch your free to air television channels the way they are meant to be watched, you need the following:

  • TV Signal: the TV signal (power and quality levels) need to be at the right levels when they run down your flylead (the cable from the wall to your television) and plug into the back of your TV.
  • TV Tuner: the TV tuner built into your television is a crucial part of the puzzle. It grabs the particular TV signal for the channel you are watching, eliminates the noise, and processes the signal into pixels (picture) and noises (sound). Since analogue TV signals were turned off in Australia over a decade ago, it is important that this TV tuner is in fact a digital TV tuner, otherwise, it won’t work!
  • TV Screen: the TV screen (and speakers) also need to be working in order for your to see each and every last pixel and so you get the full picture without fault. Similarly, the speakers in your TV need to be working so you can hear the audio transmission coming from the digital TV tuner.

Indicators That You Need TV Antenna Repairs

Without getting an TV antenna technician and/or a TV repair technician out to your premises to test these crucial parts of your TV antenna system, here are a few indicators that likely mean that the issue lies with your TV antenna.

  • There is a message on your TV screen that reads ‘No Signal’.
  • You have performed an auto-tune of your TV to search for all local digital terrestrial signals and the TV has not picked up any channels.

If you experience any of these issues, it is likely that you need TV antenna repairs, an antenna man (or woman!) to fix your TV antenna system, or a new digital TV antenna installed.

These symptoms may also mean that it is your TV tuner that is at fault. In order to rule this out, you can do one of the following:

  • Try a different television at the same TV point (it is unlikely that 2x TV tuners on 2x different TVs will go faulty at the same time).
  • Buy a digital DVB-T (terrestrial) set top box, which contains a TV tuner (separate of the TV).

Indicators That You Need A TV Repair

On the other hand, the below indicators may mean that your TV is faulty and you may need a TV repair, or perhaps it is time to buy a new TV.

  • Some horizontal lines on the screen are working perfectly (perhaps the top half) and other lines on the screen aren’t working.
  • Some pixels (dots) on the screen are black, or faded and never show any colour or part of the image.
  • You can tune into and change each TV channel, and the sound (audio) is working perfectly, but the picture isn’t showing.
  • You can tune into and change each TV channel, and the picture is working perfectly, but the sound (audio) isn’t working at all.
  • Your TV doesn’t turn on.

If you get any of the items mentioned above, it is likely that you will need to repair your TV, or buy a new TV, rather than get a new TV antenna installation.

After reading this article, if you are convinced that you have a fault with your TV antenna, feel free to give us a call on 9549 0082 and we will provide you with a free onsite quotation to resolve all your TV reception issues.

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