Foxtel Multistacker

Multistacker System Design, Supply & Installation

Foxtel Multistacker

We provide all works related to Foxtel Mulstiacker system design, supply and installation in Sydney. This includes the following Multstiacker installation situations:

New Construction Sites

  • Residential MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit) Building
  • Aged Care & Hospitality
  • Office Base Builds
  • Pubs & Clubs
  • Mixed Use Developments
  • Education Facilities
  • All other construction sites requiring MATV / PayTV services

Building Upgrades

  • Foxtel ‘Lite’ Building Upgrade – An upgrade from Foxtel ‘Lite’ to Multistacker is very cost effective and allows all residents to receive all Foxtel services, including recording functionality on Foxtel iQ4 set top boxes 
  • Foxtel TDT Building Upgrade – Foxtel TDT headends currently have two deficiencies. They do not allow for the end user to receive 4K channels, and they do not allow customers to use the latest Foxtel iQ4 set top box. We can easily upgrade buildings from TDT to Multistacker at an affordable price
  • Foxtel Cable Building Upgrade – An existing site receiving Foxtel Cable ‘Off The Street’ via the underground/aerial HFC network are slowly transitioning to Foxtel Satellite. A multistacker allows for a relatively simply upgrade.
  • Free To Air Only Building Upgrade – An existing site that has a Free To Air only system can now upgrade to having the latest Foxtel technology. What would previous involve running new cables to each and every apartment can now simply be done through the upgrade of headend and riser equipment (in most cases)

Should you require any of the above services, please feel free to contact us at with the subject “Multistacker” and we will ensure you get fast-tracked to our Commercial team members. Alternatively, call us on 02 9549 0082.