Nu Life TV Antenna: 2021 Year In Review

A look back at the year that was 2021 for Nu Life TV Antenna.
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Nu Life TV Antenna in 2021: A Year In Review

In what was a somewhat disjointed year, impacted by the stops and starts of a pandemic fuelled rollercoaster, Nu Life TV Antenna is very proud of its team’s ability to continue improving and expanding its service to all of our valued customers.

Commercial Team

Nu Life’s Commercial Team underwent a step-change in 2021, with growth on a level never before achieved in its 40 year history. Our electrical contractor customer base has expanded almost 3x fold and we are very grateful for all our partners, large and small. More than anything, we are excited by the team’s ability to continue satisfying our clients with our 100% service level targets, whilst taking on a large number of additional projects. 

On top of the huge performance in 2020 to complete 25+ projects, the Commercial Team has delivered 70+ projects in 2021. These projects are mostly an expansion of our core MATV / SMATV design, supply and installation services, however, also includes a number of mobile reception enhancement projects successfully delivered to new development sites throughout the year. In total, services were delivered to over 2,500+ tenancies. Some of the project highlights for 2021 include:

  • Residential Development: delivery of a GPON, integrated Foxtel/FTA system to 330+ apartments at twin residential towers in Macquarie Park;
  • Underground CATV: supply and installation of a new WISI Chameleon headend at one of Sydney’s largest underground residential based CATV systems in Newington, covering 500+ houses and multiple apartment buildings; 
  • Social Housing: completed design, supply, installation and commissioning services for an integrated Foxtel/FTA SMATV System to over 170 apartments at a Social Housing development in Mount Druitt;
  • Aged Care: installation services for a 80+ bed aged care site in Oran Park;
  • Commercial Upgrade: upgrade from air-core cable to Foxtel Multistacker, integrated Foxtel + FTA SMATV system at a 30+ storey commercial building in Sydney’s CBD;
  • Commercial Base Build: full design, supply, installation and commissioning services for a commercial base build in Surry Hills;
  • Mobile Reception: RF Walk test services at Australia’s tallest residential building, located in Sydney’s CBD;
  • A long list of new construction sites (terraces, residential apartments, townhouses, etc) with less than 50 tenancies requiring an integrated Foxtel/FTA SMATV system.

We are very thankful to each of our clients and are appreciative of every project we have been provided the opportunity to work on in 2021!


Domestic Team

The Domestic Team provides urgent as well as regular scheduled maintenance work to a wide range of customers including residential dwelling owners, real estate agents, building managers and strata managers (and the occasional tenant as well).

The members of this team are always on call and provide a very important service to a large quantity of customers. In a year which exhibited a heightened importance placed on daily TV news coverage, getting reception fixed in a hurry was more important than ever. Our thanks goes out to each member of the Domestic Team to ensure a fast, friendly and efficient service in a busy year.

All in all, the Domestic Team fielded over 30,000 enquiries, which was a significant uplift on recent years and reflects the hard work and effort of each of the long-term members of our team.

Looking Ahead Into 2022

In a year that will likely prove hard to predict, we don’t believe in making too many forecasts. 

Rather, we want 2022 to be another year in which we challenge ourselves, a year that we can look back on (in 12 months time) and know we have made progress, know that we have given it 100% and know that we have provided the very best service to each and every one of our customers.

Signing in to 2022!

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