Sydney TV Transmitters Map

Are you looking for your nearest Sydney TV transmitter? If so, you have come to the right place. This map will show you all the TV transmitters located in Sydney and provide a few other helpful hints when looking for the best TV reception in your local area.
Sydney TV Transmitters Map

Sydney TV Transmitter Map

We have prepared a map of Sydney below, outlining all the TV transmitters located in Sydney.

Please note that the highlighted circles surrounding each of the TV transmitters shows a very rough guide only of the suburbs covered by each transmitter. Each street within each suburb, and each house within each street can have varying TV signal levels received on each house, particularly in suburbs with hills and valleys.

Sydney TV Transmitters Map

Artarmon (VHF): The main Sydney transmitter is located in Artarmon and services a very large part of the main Sydney metropolitan area using VHF TV signals.

Kurrajong (UHF): A TV transmitter was turned on in Kurrajong in 2013 to assist with suburbs in the local area to receive UHF TV signals.

Razorback (UHF): A TV transmitter was also turned on in Razorback in 2013 to assist local suburbs to receive UHF TV signals, although it initially caused some interference issues.

North Head (UHF): The Manly/Mosman TV transmitter operates on UHF and is helpful in delivering TV reception to many suburbs up and down the North Shore and Northern Beaches suburbs in Sydney. 

Kings Cross (UHF): To assist TV reception in getting to the very edge of the Eastern Suburbs, there is a TV transmitter in Kings Cross. This transmitter is also helpful for suburbs where the Sydney CBD skyline of high rise buildings blocks the VHF TV signals from the main Artarmon transmitter.

TV Signals Not On The Map

Please note that the TV signals shown on this map broadly reflect those of TV transmitters that are physically located in Sydney.

It may be the case that there are transmitters located in Wollongong or Central Coast NSW that are best for your house in Sydney. This is due to the fact that the power levels on the TV transmitters in Wollongong, Bouddi and other transmitters are relatively high powered, meaning their signals will travel further than lower powered transmitters (like the one at North Head). 

In addition, contours in the earth’s surface may also mean that the closest TV transmitter may not necessarily be the best choice for your premises. 

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