TV Antenna Installation Bondi – 15ft Mast

TV Antenna Installation in Bondi using a 15ft guyed mast and a new VHF antenna.
15ft Mast Installation Bondi - Antenna

Today, we are looking at a fairly straightforward TV Antenna Installation in Bondi, using a 15 foot guyed mast. The customer previously had their old TV antenna guyed mast rust out and subsequently fall onto their roof. Thankfully it didn’t do any significant damage to the roof, however, it is a good warning to those of you who have a rusted mast on top of your rooftop!

Before Installation

15ft Mast Installation Bondi - Before

All masts and mounts are normally exposed to the elements. Particularly in areas that are close to saltwater, there is damage to masts and mounts that results in rusting of equipment. As a general rule, large masts like this one (or larger) should be checked every 12-24 months, as rusting can sometimes result in catastrophic outcomes.

Thankfully, in this case, whilst the 15 foot mast fell over, there was no significant damage to the customer’s roof. However, in the past, we have seen mast swing off rooftops and into windows below, or sometimes even hit cars or other objects next to the house.

Our customer was lucky in this case, and we were able to install a brand new shiny 15 foot mast with a VHF antenna directed straight to the Artarmon transmitter.

New TV Antenna Installed on 15 Foot Guyed Mast

15ft Mast TV Antenna Installation Bondi

Looking much better! This TV antenna installation in Bondi is completed with a new VHF antenna, a new 15 foot mast, new guy wire, turnbuckles, base plate, lock ring, thimbles and all the other little bits and pieces required to complete the installation.

We have a very happy customer with perfect digital TV reception!

If you require a TV Antenna installation in Bondi using a 15 foot mast, or any other type of mast or mount, feel free to give us a call or send an email outlining your requirements and we will provide you with the various options available to suit your needs.

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