What Is The Best Indoor TV Antenna for Australia (2024)

What is the best indoor TV antenna for Australia in 2024? Here are the features to look out for and we provide our own recommendation.
Matchmaster Indoor TV Antenna

So, you might live in an apartment block near your local transmitter that doesn’t have Free To Air TV reception cabling. Or, you might not be able to afford an outdoor TV antenna installed on your rooftop.

Whatever the reason, you are looking for the best indoor TV antenna for free to air TV reception in Australia. 

Whilst indoor TV antennas aren’t very reliable at all at receiving TV reception in Australia, you might want to give it a try to see if you get one or two channels. You never know, you might be lucky and get all of the channels if you’re in the right area.

Indoor TV Antenna Features

So, if an outdoor TV antenna isn’t for you, these are the features you should be looking out for if you want to purchase an indoor TV antenna.

  • Is it designed to receive UHF or VHF signals? Make sure the indoor antenna is designed to receive whichever signals are being broadcast from your local transmitter. As a general rule of thumb, if you are in the metro area of a capital city, you are probably receiving VHF frequencies, otherwise, you are probably getting UHF signals.
  • Does it have a 4G / 5G filter? Given the increase in 4G frequencies being broadcast throughout Australia, and with the introduction of 5G frequencies (some re-farmed from the 4G spectrum), you will want to have a 4G / 5G filter built into the antenna wherever possible. 
  • Is it amplified or not? Beware of built-in amplifiers for indoor TV antennas. They can cause all sorts of problems. Whilst they might work on occasion, we would recommend you don’t get an amplified indoor TV antenna. If the amplifier increases the signal too much, then it will overload your TV tuner and won’t give you any channels. Alternatively, if the booster doesn’t have an LTE filter, then those unwanted signals (unfiltered) might overload the built-in amplifier and ruin the signal quality going to your TV. Finally, if you aren’t getting good reception quality where you place the indoor antenna, the amplifier simply won’t work (you need good signal power and good signal quality to get your TV channels and an amplifier only boosts signal power).
  • What looks good? Let’s be honest, the last thing you want on top of your new flat screen TV is an ugly set of bunny rabbit ears. Something that is aesthetically pleasing will probably be important to your decision.

So Which Is The Best Indoor TV Antenna?

So, you’re looking for the best indoor TV antenna for Australia. The best one we can find is the Matchmaster 01MM-CA02. Matchmaster are a great Australian company with a 75 year history (they know their stuff!). In terms of the other info, we have listed a few points below:
  • It is actually designed to receive both UHF and VHF signals, so it won’t matter where you are based in Australia, this indoor antenna will is suited to the signals in your area.
  • It has a 4G / 5G filter! In fact it has a 694MHz low pass filter to get rid of as much of those mobile phone signals as possible.
  • It is not amplified, so you won’t run into any of those potential issues.
  • It has a sleek black design which means it fits in with most flat screen TVs and TV cabinets (it looks similar to some sound bars available on the market).

If you try an indoor TV antenna and realise you are still experiencing problems, feel free to contact one of our friendly staff members at Nu Life TV Antenna to provide you a free onsite quotation to install a new outdoor TV antenna. We guarantee 100% perfect digital TV reception and have 40 years experience in getting people their free to air TV reception back! 

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