What Is The Best TV Antenna in Australia?

Whether it is indoor or outdoor, which is the best digital TV antenna for your specific situation?
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The Best Digital TV Antenna in Australia For You

If you have bad TV reception and are looking into upgrading your TV antenna system, you might be searching for a top 10 list of the best indoor or outdoor TV antennas in Australia.

However, as your search might show, this is hard to find for one simple reason. There is no ‘best’ digital TV antenna for free to air TV reception in Australia.

There are definitely different grades of quality when it comes to TV antennas available in Australia (read more about TV antennas), but the best TV antenna for you and your specific requirements depends on a number of factors. 

We provide a brief overview of the most important factors in this articles, but please click the link above to learn more about TV antennas to help you select the best one for you.

Indoor or Outdoor Antenna?

This decision will most likely be one of budget. If you are looking for a quick, cheap, ‘hope for the best’ type of option, you can try an indoor TV antenna. However, don’t be surprised if only a few of the channels come through (or even none at all).

There may also be a situation where your apartment building doesn’t have free to air TV cabling into each unit, so you may be left with the only option being an indoor TV antenna.

Read more on whether or not indoor TV antennas work.

Indoor antennas are normally a lot less expensive than outdoor antennas. A very good quality one, like the Matchmaster 01MM-CA02 will often have a stylish design and not look out of place next to your TV or soundbar. You should probably avoid the ones available online only or through traditional retailers – they are normally generic overseas ones that are for use in any country in the world (not really designed just for Australia). Learn more about the best indoor TV antenna in Australia.

The Best Outdoor TV Antenna

Well, where do we start?

You will need to take into account your specific location (suburb), the height of your roof, the coverage and signal quality in your area, and a few other factors to determine which is the best outdoor TV antenna for you.

Here are just a few things you will need to look out for:

  • Are the TV signals in your area on VHF or UHF frequency? If UHF, then what Band does your transmitter use?
  • Do you need a high gain or low gain antenna?
  • Is signal quality poor in your area? If so, you will need an antenna with better receiving characteristics to ensure your MER signal reading is a Pass. If you require higher quality, then you will likely need a bigger antenna (more elements), and one that is narrowband (not a log periodic antenna or combination antenna) to help reduce noise levels. 
  • Directional or omni-directional? This is a little more rare, but omni-directional TV antennas can be used for caravans and moving vehicles.
To compare the cost of an indoor antenna vs an outdoor antenna, read more about outdoor TV antenna installation cost in Sydney.

If you think you have got a handle on all of that, then it is best to stick to a high quality, Australian made antenna.

For an overview of which type of design of TV antenna you should consider for VHF digital TV signals in Australia, read our article dedicated to “What Is The Best Type Of TV Antenna In Australia?“.

However, if you would like a specialist TV antenna man to visit your residence to provide you with a free quote on how to get your TV channels back on the screen, contact one of our friendly staff on 02 9549 0082.

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